Preparing for the Opening of Your First Business

What’s The Big Deal About LED Shower Panels?

8 April 2019
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Adding an LED shower panel to your bathroom is a trend that you may have heard about. You'd also be forgiven, though, if you weren't quite sure whether putting one in your place is worth all the fuss. Here's why many people are choosing this option when they do new construction, remodeling, or even minor upgrades to their places. What Exactly Is It? A shower panel is a fairly large assembly that stretches from a foot or two above the shower stall's floor to a spot a bit above the average person's head. Read More …

A Temp Position At A Food Fair Could Lead To One Of These Future Opportunities

7 February 2019
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If you live in an area that is popular among foodies, there may be a number of food fairs scheduled throughout the year. Often, it's possible to obtain temporary work at these events, which may last just a day, run over the course of a weekend, or perhaps take place for much of a week. Getting to work in this new and challenging environment can be rewarding for you — and it could also potentially lead to someone offering you a future opportunity, either in the form of more temp work, or maybe even a longer-term position. Read More …

What To Look For In A Catering Truck Manufacturer

7 November 2018
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A catering truck is like a food truck, allowing you to serve guests in a variety of locations. You can use a food truck to assist you in serving guests at unusual venues where traditional table settings are unavailable, such as birthday parties, concerts, fairs, and conventions. Or, you can have a catering truck staffed and ready for additional service when you're hosting a large wedding family reunion, or other function. Read More …

Is Your Medical Office Clean?

6 November 2018
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Cleanliness is essential to a medical office. Patients come into the office with all sorts of conditions and with immune system vulnerabilities that can make them particularly at risk for illness. While you may feel as though you are making an honest effort to keep your office clean, you may be missing the mark. Discover some of the factors that can help you determine just how clean your office is.  Read More …

Points To Consider Before You Get A Quote Tattoo

5 November 2018
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One type of tattoo that is popular to get, either as a first tattoo or if you already have several, is a quote tattoo. Choosing a series of words that have impacted your life or that you want to remember in the years ahead and having them inked on your body can be something that you appreciate seeing daily. As with any tattoo, it's ideal to give some careful consideration before you move forward with booking a session at the tattoo studio for your quote tattoo. Read More …

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Preparing for the Opening of Your First Business

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