Setting Up Storage For Your Business: Three Features To Incorporate Into Your Space

Setting Up Storage For Your Business: Three Features To Incorporate Into Your Space

3 December 2019
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Renting a storage space can be a great way to free up room in your office and keep important items safely tucked away. When setting up a business storage space, there are some features you'll want to consider to make the space work for you. Here are some options to keep in mind as you begin searching for a self storage facility:

Climate Control

Whether you are storing file boxes filled with documents or extra computer equipment, having a climate-controlled space is essential. Extreme heat and cold can cause damage to electronics, furniture, and paper goods. Look for a facility that offers both temperature and humidity control to ensure your items remain protected from warping, rusting, rotting, and other types of damage. Your storage facility should be able to guarantee a temperature range for your space throughout the year. You may also want to ask about the facility's protocols in the event of a power outage, such as alerts to customers, to keep your items protected. Climate-controlled units can be supplemented with humidity absorbing products to help maintain the conditions inside.

File Storage Shelving

If you will be using your storage space for files, it's important to choose the right type of shelving to house your paperwork. You can use traditional file cabinets, but larger shelving units can help you maximize your available floor space. Some file shelving offers space designed specifically for document boxes, while others keep file jackets filled with paperwork neatly organized. The option you choose may depend on how frequently you need to access older paperwork. Boxes stored on shelves are ideal for archiving paperwork. If you do need to access files more frequently, consider a shelving system with sliding doors. The doors keep dirt and dust at bay while still ensuring your files are neatly organized and easy to retrieve from the shelves.

Security Systems

Your self-storage unit is an extension of your business, and the sensitive information it contains makes security essential. Look for a storage facility that offers multiple layers of security to help protect your items from potential theft. This might include surveillance cameras, on-site security guards, and pass code entry locks. Be sure to ask the facility management if you can install your own security upgrades within the storage space. If your unit has electrical outlets, you can install smart cameras and door sensors, which send alerts to your mobile device whenever someone attempts to access the unit. You can use this information to alert the facility management or police should a situation arise.

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