Tips For Renting A Refrigerated Trailer For Your Seasonal Food Truck Business

Tips For Renting A Refrigerated Trailer For Your Seasonal Food Truck Business

24 April 2023
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Food trucks have rapidly grown to be a profitable business model, and seasonal food trucks can be in high demand at big events. If you operate a seasonal food truck business, you may need a refrigerated trailer if you are planning to serve a large crowd. Take a look at a few things to consider before renting a trailer from a specific company.  

Does the company offer high-quality refrigerated trailers?

One of the first things to consider about the refrigerated trailer rental company is the quality of the trailers they rent. While you may not need anything luxury or state-of-the-art, it will be important that the trailers are modern, well-functioning, and clean. Before renting a refrigerated trailer, be sure to take the time to evaluate the trailers the company has for rent. Look at features like: 

  • The cleanliness of the inside of the trailer 
  • The type of shelving systems 
  • The seals around the doors 
  • The functionality of the cooling system 

Does the company offer short-term rental?

In the seasonal food truck business, you may only be in service for a few weeks at a time. For example, you may focus on running your food service only in the summer or during the festivities in your area that take place in the fall. In these situations, it will not be financially feasible to rent a refrigerated trailer for several months or a full year. Some rental companies offer short-term rentals that will allow you to rent the trailer by the week. 

Does the company offer trailer pickup and delivery?

If the refrigerated trailer rental service is nearby, it may not be a big issue to drop off and pick up the trailer as you need it. However, if the trailer rental service is not nearby, pickup and delivery can be a time-consuming, burdensome experience. Many refrigerated trailer rental companies offer complimentary trailer pickup and delivery. This can be convenient because the trailer can be dropped off and picked up right where you are serving food to customers. 

Does the company offer on-site maintenance?

When you have a substantial amount of product or inventory stored in a refrigerated trailer, problems with the trailer can put you at risk of a significant loss. Further, if you are in the middle of serving food at an event, you can't necessarily stop what you are doing to take the trailer in for repair or switch it. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for a trailer rental service that offers on-site maintenance or emergency services when you have an issue that needs to be addressed. 

Contact a local refrigerated trailer service to learn more. 

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