Child Diagnosed With Dyslexia? What You Can Do To Help

Child Diagnosed With Dyslexia? What You Can Do To Help

24 June 2019
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If your child was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, you're probably feeling a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, your heart probably goes out to your little one because you know it means that they have to overcome some additional obstacles in their future. However, there is likely also a touch of relief. You may have had to come a long way to reach this destination, and it helps to know that you were not imagining things and that something was definitely going on. Now that you have the diagnosis, it's time to spring into action. Here's a brief listing of how you can help your dyslexic child learn to thrive in the face of all odds.

Hire A Tutor Who Specializes In Helping Children With Learning Disorders

The first order of the day is to hire a tutor who has experience working with children with learning disorders. The specialization cannot be stressed enough because it just wouldn't make sense to bring in a tutor who isn't used to dealing with the little quirks that your child may exhibit. You need someone who understands dyslexia so they can tailor each lesson toward making sure that your child comprehends the information without becoming too confused.

People with dyslexia may have trouble reading or sounding words out according to the letter they start with, but it's very important to note that this does not affect their general intelligence. What this means is that when they have a tutor who knows how to take the lesson off of the pages of a textbook and make it come alive, they have the ability to totally get the main message that they are being taught.

Be Extra Patient With Your Child And Yourself

While your child is being tutored and is figuring out how to adapt themselves to their particular learning style, it's important for you to be patient with both yourself and your child. There may come a few moments when patience runs thin, or you can't see why your child doesn't get a point. You must brace yourself for the learning curve and be willing to take the time to embrace your new way of life and make it work for the two of you.

A good tutor can really make a huge difference in your child's life. Seek out a really good program and get your child signed up in the tutoring classes immediately. For more information on finding a tutor, such as an Orton-Gillingham tutor, contact your local professionals. 

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