2 Things A Well Drilling Company Will Do Before They Dig Your Well

2 Things A Well Drilling Company Will Do Before They Dig Your Well

11 August 2022
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You may enjoy living out in the country until you start to look at some of the practicalities and logistics of living there. One of the things that you are going to have to look at is how you are going to get your water. The odds are that you won't live on the municipal water system. That means you will have to figure out another way to get water to your house. You can have a truck bring the water in, but that can be expensive, and you have to ration your water to ensure that each shipment will last. Another option is to have a water well dug on your property. Before the well is drilled, the drilling company will do a few things. 

Test Holes

One thing that a well drilling company will do is drill some test holes. They will do this at places they think will be good for the well. The goal behind drilling these test holes is to see if the water is there, how far down it is, and if it will be an easy place to drill the well. The good drilling company won't just drill these holes willy-nilly; they will only drill them in the most likely places. The drilling company may turn the spot into your well if the test hole is good. 

Water Test

Another thing the company drilling your well will do is test the water. The tests will look for things like bacteria that could cause you to be sick, like E. coli. Other things that the water tests look for are pesticide contamination or signs of forever chemicals. You need to have this tested before your well is completely dug because if the water in one area is contaminated, you don't want that to be your permanent water source. Depending on the size of your property, one place may have more exposure to contaminants than another area might have. When you have a well, you should have it tested regularly to know that your water is safe. That will also let you do some mitigation work as necessary.  

If you live in the country, you need to have a water source. In most cases, that means that you have a well. If you need to have a well dug, these are a few things that a well drilling service will do to make sure that your well is perfect for you.

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