Driving Jobs For Entry Level Drivers

Driving Jobs For Entry Level Drivers

19 April 2022
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When you think of driving jobs, you may think of needing ongoing training or specialized training. You may be concerned with paying for or even finding the right training. What you may not consider are the entry level driving jobs available. These jobs range through various industries and can offer you key benefits depending on where you begin. Here are a few of those entry level driving jobs and what you should consider regarding each one. 

Medical Courier

Medical jobs have been increasing as the medical field itself has expanded. Instead of doctors offices, hospitals, and clinics there are now jobs available with labs as well as third party radiology providers and pharmacies. All of these areas of the medical field need medical couriers. You may find that the majority of the courier jobs in your area require you to pick up either lab samples, results, or supplies and deliver them between two or more locations. This is a job that can be done part time or full time and become a career. 

Funeral Driver Services

Funeral homes around the country are in need of drivers. These drivers may work overnight and drive to the area morgue or hospital to pick up the deceased and bring them back to the funeral home. You may also have driver positions for drivers to operate the hearse for various funeral services during the week. There are also flower couriers that handle transportation of the funeral arrangements to the graveside service. This type of driving job will put you working for a specific funeral home and service provider as the driver for their various needs. In most cases, you need a clean driving record and valid license for this position. 

Domestic Courier Drivers

Domestic courier refers to drivers who work for mail and package delivery companies where a CDL license is not required. This may mean you are driving a van or driving a non-CDL truck to deliver various packages to area locations. This is a local driving position that is generally done during normal business or delivery hours. You may be delivering to businesses or to residences. Also, this type of courier position may be done as a freelance position where you can set your own hours. 

When you are ready to move forward with one of these entry level driving positions, consider creating an online resume. You can access many of these job types on various career websites and apply directly with the companies. Make sure you have a copy of your valid state driver's license as well as proof of insurance coverage as both will likely be requested during the application or interview process. Look for driving jobs near you.

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