3 Grades Of Copper

3 Grades Of Copper

23 July 2021
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Collecting and selling copper can be a good way to get some extra money. If you are going to spend the time and energy on collecting a lot of copper scrap to sell, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can do so that you are getting the most money back from your energy investment. There are a number of things that you can do that will help with that, but one of them is to learn the different grades of copper so that you can group the different grades together. So, what are the various grades of copper?


This grade of copper is worth the 3rd highest monetary value. Generally, the copper metal that is #2 grade is dirty wire and piping, with coatings, paint, or sealants that are still on the metal and aren't able to be removed. If you are turning in wire, you need to make sure that you have stripped the wire of all insulation since the scrap metal company you are selling to is going to want all that insulation gone. If left on, it can cause problems in the recycling process. Depending on the rules of the copper recycling company you are selling to, you may be able to add in the bits and pieces and odds and ends of whatever pieces of copper you might find. 


When you are selling your scrap copper, #1 copper is going to get you the second-highest amount. Most of the time, copper piping is going to go into this grade. The pipes must have no fittings, solder, or any other coatings on them. The pipes should also have no to very little corrosion on them. For any other copper to be in this class, it must not have any coatings or be alloyed. 

Bright and Bare

This class is the holy grail of copper. You are going to get the most money back when you sell it. The name of the grade is the basic description of it. The copper has to be completely bare with no coatings, alloys, oxidation, and very little to no patina on the copper. Bright and bare copper should look like it did when it first came out from the refinery. 

If you are collecting copper to sell it, then you should learn about the different grades of copper. Once you know the grades, you can make sure that you separate the various grades when you are getting everything ready to sell. 

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