Aeration Tools For Home Gardens

Aeration Tools For Home Gardens

21 June 2021
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Soil can become compacted due to frequent foot traffic or the use of heavy machinery over an expanse of land where grass or crops are growing. Nutrient depletion can affect the growth cycle of grass blades and crops and may cause a short root system to form. A manual or power soil aeration tool will restore the composition of soil within a home garden.

Core Aeration

Core aeration involves the use of hollow metal tines. When a gas- or electric-powered aerator is moved across the ground, clumps of compacted dirt become entrapped within each tine and are dispersed soon afterward.

A manual core aeration tool includes a model with a handle and an immobile base and a model that contains a roller wheel. Handled core aerators will contain two or more hollow tines. A rolling unit is similar to a gas- or electric-powered one, but it will rely solely upon the force that is exerted by the person who is operating the unit.

Spike Aeration

Spike aeration involves using a non-adjustable or adjustable tool that contains a series of metal spikes. The spikes are closely aligned and will create narrow holes. A gas- or electric-powered aerator may contain a drum or a wheel that is covered with spikes.

A hand tool will contain a flat panel that has spikes protruding from it. To cover an expanse of property, the person who is using a manual spike aerator should begin along one edge of a plot and slowly work their way across to the opposite end. Soil will not be transferred with the use of a spike aerator. This type of tool is typically used when soil isn't severely compacted.

Spot Aeration

Shoes and lightweight hand tools that contain metal protrusions can be used to loosen soil within a small section of compacted dirt. If multiple garden tasks are being performed and the person responsible for the tasks is going to be walking along each row of crops, it can be inconvenient to drag a large aerator along with them.

Wearing a pair of shoes that contain spikes on their soles or carrying a lightweight tool that can be used as needed will allow the gardener to continue their duties without the need for additional heavy or bulky equipment. After using a pair of shoes or a small hand tool to loosen clumps of soil, watering the lawn will aid with providing nutrients to the root system of each plant.

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