Useful Tips When Using Pocket Cast Nets For Fish

Useful Tips When Using Pocket Cast Nets For Fish

12 May 2021
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Whether you're looking to score some baitfish, or you just want to see what fish variety is in a lake, pocket cast nets are amazing fishing resources you can use to catch a bunch of fish quickly. You'll just want to look over these tips so that you can use these nets in an effective manner quickly.

Watch Experienced Fisherman First

Before you start trying to master throwing and pulling techniques with pocket cast nets, you might want to just observe experienced fishermen use these nets. Then you can learn techniques by watching, and that's usually a very effective way to retain helpful tips and tricks.

You can watch fishermen use these nets in online videos or in person. You just want to watch every detail closely, such as where their hands are positioned on the net before releasing, how much power they use, and the distance the nets are thrown. 

Practice Away From Water

If you started practicing with a pocket cast net in the water that you're trying to catch fish in, you're probably just going to scare them off. It will take repeated attempts to throw these nets correctly into the water, so you're better off practicing somewhere else.

Even in your own backyard is a great place to practice throwing these nets. You can keep throwing until you're able to get a good spread and the right angles. You just need a space where there is room for the pocket cast net to spread out properly. 

Set Net Up Properly

If you don't have the pocket cast net set up correctly in the beginning, then it won't matter how far or well you throw the net into the water. You're not going to get that great of results and you may miss an opportunity to catch a lot of fish.

Learn about how the pocket cast net needs to be set up in your hands before you ever try throwing it into water. This varies based on the net's size and materials. You should be able to find instructions for a proper setup by consulting with the net's manufacturer.

Pocket cast nets are staple resources used in fishing. If you just purchased one and want to avoid a lot of issues from the beginning, then take your time seeing what techniques you need to master. Give yourself time and watch those that know what they're doing. 

To get your own bottom pocket cast net, reach out to a local fish supplies provider.

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