About Virtual Home Inspections

About Virtual Home Inspections

30 March 2021
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Although sometimes going through the process of buying a house can be fast, it can also take a long time to complete. This is due to there being more to buying a house other than finding one and handing the seller money. If a buyer doesn't want to take a big risk on purchasing a house that they might find problematic later on, it is important for specific steps to be taken during the process. For example, rather than assuming that a house is in good condition because it appears to be appealing on the surface, a home inspection should be performed. In a society that is overtaken by a pandemic, you might find that a virtual home inspection is the way to go about completing the process.

What Makes a Home Inspection Virtual?

There isn't much of a difference between a virtual and in-person home inspection when it comes to the depth of what is performed. The main difference is that a buyer will not be present for the inspection, but a seller might be present with the inspector. Basically, the inspector will inspect numerous areas of the house to ensure that they are in a good condition. The roof, floors, HVAC system, walls, ceilings, and insulation are a few of the areas of a house that might be inspected during the process. Various areas on the outside of a house might also be included in the inspection.

How Are Buyers Shown a Virtual Home Inspection?

When a buyer is provided the results of a virtual home inspection, it is usually done via a video conference call. There are various apps that can be downloaded on a phone, computer, or another type of mobile device to have a video conference call. Keep in mind that the inspector might ask you to download a specific app, even if you already have a different one on your mobile device. You can likely request that the app you already have is used, but it will be up to the inspector to choose in the end.

How Will the Findings of an Inspection Be Discussed?

Along with the inspector, a seller, buyer, and agent of the buyer can have a group conference call to discuss what was found during the inspection. The discussion might take place after all parties involved have had the opportunity to review the virtual inspection video footage independently. The buyer will then have the opportunity to negotiate with the seller in regards to what they are willing to repair before a final settlement is made. For example, the buyer might ask the seller to repair a damaged roof before they are willing to purchase the house. 

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