Six Ways To Keep Your Solenoid Valve In Good Condition

Six Ways To Keep Your Solenoid Valve In Good Condition

2 March 2021
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Keeping up with needed maintenance is important for keeping a custom solenoid valve in good operating condition. Maintenance is also essential for ensuring the reliable performance of a solenoid valve.

The following are six ways to keep your solenoid control valve in good condition. 

Ensuring that the coil is free from cracks

It's important to regularly have a look at the coils that are found in the encapsulation of the solenoid valve. If there are cracks in the coils, moisture could penetrate the coil and eventually result in valve failure. 

When cracks are seen in the coil, damaged parts need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Even operating the solenoid valve briefly with cracks in the coil can destroy the solenoid valve. This is especially true if the solenoid valve is being used in areas that are especially humid or wet. 

Ensuring the connections are in good shape

Connections to the coil can become damaged or corroded over time. Connection problems can lead to a variety of issues, including a current inrush that could cause the coil itself to burn out. 

Replacing damaged components such as the body orifice, springs, and seals

The body orifice can develop cracks over time that require repair. Also, springs can become worn-out, and seals can start to swell or otherwise deteriorate. If any issues like these are noticed, the affected parts may require replacement. 

Cleaning out any buildup or residue

The most important maintenance procedure for a solenoid valve is simply cleaning the valve to remove any buildup. Residue can accumulate in all parts of the valve and interfere with its proper functioning. Periodically, a solenoid valve should be completely disassembled and cleaned thoroughly to remove residue. 

Making sure there are no solid particles in the plunger and tube

In particular, solid particles are likely to build up in the plunger and tube of a solenoid valve. Between cleanings, it's good to flush out the plunger and tube to prevent buildup in these parts. These parts can be cleared out quickly using compressed air and a solvent. 

Keeping the diaphragm clean

If your solenoid valve design includes a diaphragm, you will want to periodically check the diaphragm for damage and also clean the diaphragm.

If your valve is pilot-operated, you'll access the diaphragm by first removing the screws on the upper body of the valve. You can purchase a solenoid valve replacement kit that includes not only a replacement diaphragm but also other important replacement parts like springs, O-rings, plungers, pistons, and more. 

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