Reasons To Choose A Foam Surfboard

Reasons To Choose A Foam Surfboard

3 February 2021
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If you've recently decided that you want to get into surfing — perhaps after a handful of lessons for which you used a rented board — it's likely time to get shopping for a surfboard to call your own. Plan to visit a water sports retailer that has a large selection of surfboards, as this will give you a good chance to browse the many different styles and talk to a salesperson who can help you decide what to buy. When you look at different surfboards, you'll commonly see those that are made of foam and those that are made of wood. Here are some reasons that you may wish to buy a foam model.

It Will Be Lighter

If you pick up a foam surfboard and one made of wood in the store, one difference that you'll quickly notice is that the former is lighter than the latter. While there a few factors, including length and width, that can influence the weight of a board, foam surfboards are often lighter than their wooden counterparts. The lightweight nature of a foam board may make it easier to control in the water, especially for a novice. Additionally, you'll appreciate the lighter weight when you're carrying the board between your vehicle and the water on the days that you surf.

It's Available With More Designs

Another thing that you may like about foam surfboards is the many different designs that are available. Surfing enthusiasts often buy boards with bright, vibrant colors and with designs that help them to express their personalities. While the color or design of a surfboard won't impact how it performs in the water, it can be fun to choose a stylish board that looks good when you're hanging out on the beach. Wooden surfboards tend to have understated designs. Generally, the wood simply has several coats of varnish, which will give the board a natural look — but one that might not be as exciting as a foam surfboard.

It Will Likely Be More Affordable

You'll commonly find that foam surfboards are more affordable than those that as made of wood. While the budgets of novice surfboarding enthusiasts can vary, many people favor buying entry-level equipment when they get into surfing as a way to save money. If you want to avoid overspending on your purchase of a new surfboard, foam will almost certainly be a better material for you to choose. Contact a water sports retailer like Liquid Shredder to learn more about the many benefits of foam surfboards.

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