Helpful Tips For Using Calipers For Measuring Body Fat

Helpful Tips For Using Calipers For Measuring Body Fat

12 November 2020
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You might have heard that calipers are very useful for measuring body fat. If you are hoping to track your own body fat percentages while on a weight loss and exercise journey — or if you want to help your clients or patients with determining what their body fat percentages are — then you will probably want to use calipers to get the job done. Of course, using your calipers properly is important if you want to get the most accurate body fat percentage information. These are a few tips that can help you with using calipers the right way when measuring body fat percentages, either for yourself or others.

Purchase the Right Calipers

First of all, if you don't already have calipers to use for this purpose, you will obviously need to purchase some. Since they typically aren't very expensive anyway, now is a good time to spring for high-quality products if you can. After all, you might find that you can get more precise and accurate measurements with higher-quality calipers, and you might find that they are easier and more comfortable to use. Any supplier that sells body precision measuring instruments should be able to provide you with high-quality calipers for an affordable price.

Check in Multiple Places

If you want to get an accurate understanding of someone's body fat percentage, you will need to use the calipers in multiple places. Typically, when taking these measurements, you should use the calipers at the waist and shoulder blades, as well as at the biceps and triceps. There are diagrams that you can find online that show you precisely where the calipers should be used; following these diagrams as closely as possible will help you ensure that you get accurate measurements.

Use the Right Chart

Once you gather information from your calipers, you will need to compare that information to a body fat percentage chart. This will help you actually determine you or someone else's body fat percentage. Be aware that there are different charts for men and women, however. Additionally, different charts are used for people in different age groups. If you're going to be taking body fat measurements on other people — such as if you will be using your calipers for your job — then you will want to make sure that you have access to all of the different charts. Then, you can provide all of your patients or clients with accurate numbers.

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