What Do You Need To Have Ready When You Bring Home Your New Puppy?

What Do You Need To Have Ready When You Bring Home Your New Puppy?

20 October 2020
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Your new Maltese puppy is going to give you lots of love, and you want to give it the best life possible. You know that when you bring it home, you'll need to have a dog bed, some toys, food, and general care items around, but you may want to have a few more things that will help you care for the dog. Some of these are material and easily obtained, but others take some planning. Don't be put off by that as this can help your dog acclimate to your home and routines.

A Care Calendar

Maltese dogs have hair. Not just fur, but a lot of long hair. Hair that you need to brush on a regular basis to prevent it from matting and to remove the hairs that shed out but don't escape their thick coat. One of the easiest ways to remember when to care for the puppy is to create a care calendar. Note the days when you merely have to brush and the weeks or months when you have to bring the puppy to a groomer for a full-service fur-care session. Baths, dental care, and vaccinations can also go on that calendar. It's the easiest way to check what you need to do for the dog that week. Care might seem easy to remember now, but if you hit a particularly busy stretch in the next few months, you'll be glad you had everything written down.

A Lot of Toys

Maltese puppies have a lot of energy, and you need to keep them occupied. They will love you, and they will love to play with you. If you have to concentrate on something else, you'll need a lot of toys to keep the puppies occupied. Don't give all the toys to the puppy at once. Buy them and then store some of them away so that, when you really need to distract your dog, you can pull out a "new" toy and let them have at it.

Predictable Space and Routines (at Least at First)

Maltese puppies have some attachment issues. Not in a bad way, but they can get nervous when you're gone. Set up predictable routines at first to get the dog used to your home and to you being away at certain times. If you're going to be away for a long time, like going back to the office after working remotely, gradually ease the dog into the new routine. Eventually, the dog will learn that you'll be back.

Possibly a Partner Pet

You may also want to consider getting a second dog (or even a cat, if your puppy shows friendliness toward felines). The second pet and your dog can be companions who keep each other company when you can't pay attention to them. Be sure you can handle raising two pets, of course, and introduce them slowly so they have a chance to get used to being in each other's space.

Maltese puppies are the cutest, and you'll adore your new family member. Have everything ready to show the puppy it's found a good home. For more information about Maltese puppies, contact a Maltese Puppy Breeder.

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