Keep Your Home Running With A Generator

Keep Your Home Running With A Generator

25 September 2020
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The year 2020 has been a strange one to say the least, but it has taught many people how to be self-sufficient. People have learned to live from home and what to have on hand in order to limit trips to the grocery store. However, isolating at home means that when the power goes out, it can cause more stress. With an emergency generator, you will be able to get by for a few hours at a time, but a small emergency generator can only run for so long. This is when having an automatic backup generator for your house is a better plan.

Benefits of Home Generators

The three main benefits of owning a backup generator are safety, convenience, and overall value. Generators will keep your food cold, maintain temperatures where they need to be, and prevent any life-saving devices from dying. In addition, you can stay connected to family and emergency personnel through your phone. While the weather may be nice enough that you can live with candles for lighting, the convenience of electricity is one that many forget until it is not available. With a whole house generator, you do not have to stop at-home work or eat out every meal.

Selecting a Whole-House Generator

Now that you know why you should have a generator, let us look at selecting the perfect one for your home. Thankfully, shopping for a generator can be broken into three steps.

1. Fuel Type

The first step in selecting a generator is what type of fuel you want to use. There are three types of fuel you can use: natural gas, propane, or diesel. Diesel will require a lot more work, and like propane, you will need to have a place for the tanks. Natural gas generators can be connected to your gas line, but you run the risk of not having that fuel source if it is damaged.

2. Your Needs

Before you purchase a generator, look at your power usage. This is easiest by determining whether you want everything to remain operational or only the crucial elements of your home (air conditioner or furnace and refrigerator) to run on the generator. If you want everything to remain operational, simply look at your utility bills and see what you use on average for power. For just the crucial elements, you will want to look at the information panels on those items to see how much energy they require to run. HVAC companies or generator retail businesses can then assist you in the perfect size for your needs.

3. Transfer Switch Options

Finally, you will have an option on what type of transfer switch you have. With automatic units, they will immediately transfer the power to your generator the moment they detect a power outage. You have another option, which is remote. This is ideal for when you are not home and have a power outage. These switches are "smart switches," meaning they allow you to start them using your phone using an app. Work with the installation company to make sure the power is compatible so you do not blow a fuse.

With the power to the house back in your hands, you don't have to stress about what will happen during a storm or other outage. With the assistance of a generator keeping your house comfortable, you may find yourself making friends with neighbors you did not know you had!

For more information on automatic backup whole-house generators, contact a company that sells them.

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