A Custom Foosball Table To Add To Your Game Room

A Custom Foosball Table To Add To Your Game Room

20 July 2020
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The sight of a foosball table may remind you of your youth and the occasions when you competed against others at a local skating rink or arcade. This type of recreational activity will make a valued addition to your home's game room. Purchase a custom non-coin model that is large and sturdy enough to accommodate you and your family members and that will not clash with furnishings or other gaming equipment that you own.

A Rich Wooden Case, Clear Markings, And A Polished Surface

If you already own a billiards or card table, you may have chosen to purchase a specific item because it contains a wooden case that complements the woodwork, furnishings, or decor that is in the game room. Use this same type of reasoning when choosing a foosball table. Since a foosball table will contain a large base that will be visible from all sides, a dark-colored wood, intricate carvings, knot marks, or a grain pattern will add character to a table and make the new addition one that is durable and rustic in appearance.

Check out the playing field where the faux soccer players will be kicking the ball. If the field has clearly marked sections that are brightly colored and the surface is smooth and glossy, you and your competition will be able to pinpoint where to 'kick' the ball and will be challenged by the fast pace of the ball as it glides across the polished surface.

Accessories That Contain Detailing

Many older foosball tables feature a beaded scoring system, which included beads that are lined up along a piece of wire that is secured to the end of a table. With this type of system, players are responsible for moving a bead over whenever a point is made. This could lead to confusion if the beads are accidentally jostled or if one or both players forget to keep track of a point. If you choose a table with a digital scoring setup, whenever a ball lands in a goal, the number on the score card will automatically increase.

Some foosball tables contain plastic figurines, which are representative of the soccer players. A solid color and rudimentary shape may not seem too lifelike, and if you would like the players to resemble people and possess distinct features, you should choose a table that contains painted figurines. Wood or plastic figures that each contain facial features and a uniform will make each game move seem realistic and will also entertain your spectators. 

To learn more, contact a supplier about your options, such as custom non-coin-operated foosball tables.

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