Information About Fetish Social Networking Sites

Information About Fetish Social Networking Sites

29 April 2020
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Fetish social networking sites come in many shapes and sizes, catering to a wide range of people. If you would like to know more about some of the things fetish social networking sites can offer, then here is some information that you will want to review.

What is a fetish social networking site?

A fetish social networking site is a site where people go who have specific fetishes and want to be able to talk with likeminded people. While people with fetishes can post on other social networking sites, they might feel like they can't freely post about their fetishes. However, on a site that is a fetish-based one, posting about different fetishes is the norm.

Why are fetish social networking sites so popular?

People like to know they can talk with people they share common interests with, and they also like to be able to be themselves and not have to monitor the things they say closely. When people can be themselves, they will have a much better time and want to return to the site regularly.

What types of fetishes can be commonplace on fetish social networking sites?

Many of the fetish social networking sites will have different sections that members of the sites can go into in order to chat specifically with those who have the same desires. Some examples of the types of dedicated sections may include:

  • BBW – The stands for big, beautiful women
  • Bondage – This covers a variety of interests usually revolving around dominance and submission
  • Voyeurism – Getting aroused by watching other people being intimate
  • Weight-gain Fetish – Feeding a partner and watching them gain weight
  • Podophilia – Fetish with feet and/or shoes
  • Trichophilia – A fetish involving looking at, smelling, touching, and/or playing with hair
  • Age play – Roleplaying where one or both partners act a much different age
  • Katoptronophilia – Enjoying being intimate in front of mirrors
  • Anililagnia – Having an attraction only toward women much older than ones-self
  • Pregnancy Fetish – This fetish is when someone is aroused by pregnant women
  • Swinging – A fetish in which couples enjoy swapping partners with other couples

People who enjoy the fetishes described above, as well as many other fetishes, can be found on fetish social networking sites. Joining these sites is a great way for you to express your desires or just connect with others you may have a lot in common with.

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