What's The Big Deal About LED Shower Panels?

What's The Big Deal About LED Shower Panels?

8 April 2019
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Adding an LED shower panel to your bathroom is a trend that you may have heard about. You'd also be forgiven, though, if you weren't quite sure whether putting one in your place is worth all the fuss. Here's why many people are choosing this option when they do new construction, remodeling, or even minor upgrades to their places.

What Exactly Is It?

A shower panel is a fairly large assembly that stretches from a foot or two above the shower stall's floor to a spot a bit above the average person's head. Most panels include two ways to get water from the system. The first is an overhead showerhead that's usually large enough to provide a light, rain-like sprinkle of water. The second is a hand shower component that allows you to get water to those hard-to-reach places.

There are also a number of models that now come with LED lights built in. For a more soothing effect, you may want to opt for the aura LED shower panel. The idea is that it can provide a number of different styles of light to help you set the right mood and relax.

Why Are They Special?

There are several practical advantages to using an LED shower panel versus a more traditional showerhead setup. First, you'll have more light in the shower, a good thing if your bathroom isn't the most well-lit. Second, most models have a wide array of settings for both gentle showers and massaging. Many also have built-in body jets that allow you to get an all-over massage.

Installation is relatively straightforward once the existing shower elements have been removed. They generally designed to fit onto existing plumbing lines, allowing people to easily retrofit them into their bathrooms. It's a project that a competent DIYer can knock out on a slow Saturday.

Aesthetically speaking, the LEDs tend to just look stylish. Panels are typically made from stainless steel or aluminum, but they do come in a number of colors, too. There are also oil-rubbed bronze models that can fit in nicely in bathrooms that have more rustic, industrial, or traditional appearances.

Especially, if you're looking to quickly modernize and outdated bathroom, an LED shower panel is a solution worth considering. Prices start in the low hundreds of dollars and go up from there. Some products are sold as "shower towers" rather than "shower panels," although the terms are interchangeable. For more information, contact a company like Nezza USA.

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