What To Look For In A Catering Truck Manufacturer

What To Look For In A Catering Truck Manufacturer

7 November 2018
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A catering truck is like a food truck, allowing you to serve guests in a variety of locations. You can use a food truck to assist you in serving guests at unusual venues where traditional table settings are unavailable, such as birthday parties, concerts, fairs, and conventions. Or, you can have a catering truck staffed and ready for additional service when you're hosting a large wedding family reunion, or other function.

A catering truck can be made custom to meet your needs. Wide windows, serving counters, and even the placement of cooking supplies can all be manufactured in a way that makes the truck easier for you to use. You can even have a catering trailer or pull-behind vehicle designed instead of a driving truck if you prefer to haul your unit around.

Here are things you should look for in your catering truck manufacturer. This way, you get the vehicle you want at a price you can easily afford.

Size options

You want to be able to choose the size of catering truck you need. Do you need a truck that has storage space so you can house linen and other items? Or do you need a basic catering truck that allows you to simply create meals for the people you serve? Choose a manufacturer that has many models of catering trucks available in varying sizes so you choose one that best meets your needs.

Custom features

Do you need a catering truck with swivel chairs? Retracting awnings? Custom paint and a company logo? A tow hitch for pulling vehicles? There are many ways you can customize a catering truck to meet your business demands and you don't want to have to have these things added on after you make your purchase. Select a manufacturer or dealer who works with a manufacturer who can make sure your catering truck arrives with the features you need.


Food and catering trucks are often priced higher than traditional vehicles. This is because they come with additional driving and use features that typical trucks don't have. If you have a lower budget, you need a manufacturer who can meet your price needs either by supplying a basic model that will meet your catering desires and budget or who will be able to accept a payment plan. Some manufacturers also have used catering trucks for sale that are cheaper than the newer models if your budget is very tight.

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