Is Your Medical Office Clean?

Is Your Medical Office Clean?

6 November 2018
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Cleanliness is essential to a medical office. Patients come into the office with all sorts of conditions and with immune system vulnerabilities that can make them particularly at risk for illness. While you may feel as though you are making an honest effort to keep your office clean, you may be missing the mark. Discover some of the factors that can help you determine just how clean your office is. 

Targeted Cleaning Agents

If you are not using cleaning agents specifically made for health-care environments, you may not be on track. Everyday household cleaners are not typically sufficient for these types of environments. You need potent cleaners that can attack bacteria and other germs and completely eradicate them. Otherwise, if you leave any a small amount of these bacteria behind, there is an opportunity for them to grow and expose your patients and staff to risks. 

Cleaning Services

Whether or not you rely on a professional cleaning service is another factor that can help you determine how clean your office is. When you hired staff for your office, you looked for people with extensive training and experience within their specific area. Naturally, it only makes sense for you to hire a separate team with specific training in cleaning, rather than rely on your staff. Cleaning professionals understand how to clean the surfaces in the office to eliminate risks. 

Cleaning Routine

If you do not have a cleaning routine established for your medical office, the issue is cause for concern. While you should rely on a professional service for in-depth cleaning, your staff should have a daily cleaning routine that they adhere to. For example, your team should know what to do when a hazardous waste bin is full. They should also know how to correctly turn over an exam room when a patient with the flu or other viral illness has been in that room. Your clinic staff is the first line of defense in keeping the office clean. 

White Glove Inspection

If you have concerns about the cleanliness of your office, a white glove inspection is an excellent start. An inspector will visit your office outside business hours to perform a top to bottom review of your facility to highlight any areas of concern to you. Based on the findings of the inspector, you will be able to assess the level of cleanliness of your clinic and make any appropriate updates.

Make sure you honor your commitment to keeping your patients safe. Keep your medical office as clean as possible. 

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