That's Unreal! Unbelievable Things Interior Design Software Can Do Now

That's Unreal! Unbelievable Things Interior Design Software Can Do Now

5 November 2018
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It used to be that interior designers put everything down on paper. From start to finish, they would create rooms in 2D with colored pencils so that clients could see what the finished project would look like. Now, with design software like V Ray Unreal, a fully realized 3D view of the project is presented on computers to the client. Better still, clients can use a special VR headset to "enter" the designed room and walk around in it. Here is more of what this software can do and how to find and hire a designer that uses it.

Drag, Drop, Import, and Render

Just about any image can be created, dragged into position, and dropped within the design. The designer can modify and render objects within the virtual software. He or she can also edit objects for color choice, shape, size, and style. In fact, there is a nearly unlimited number of tools the designer can use to create the virtual space for each client. When the design is essentially done, the client can view the virtual room exactly how it will look when it is complete, with light and shadow in all the right places. 

Compatibility with Other Design Programs and Across Programs

All of these newer interior design programs are able to work together to create and design a space. This flexibility also allows more than one designer to work on the project for the client. Some, most, or almost all of the basic design work can be done in a 2D program but then easily transfer over into a 3D program for 3D rendering. Ultimately, it gives designers more flexibility with style and design choices, as some programs may limit those options. 

Virtual Tours and Editing

Better still, clients can use a headset to "walk through" the designed space. It helps them get a better sense of how the space will be organized, what it will look like from different angles, and how it might feel visually. If they do not like something, they can edit it, if they know how to use the tools. However, they might enjoy the process more by telling the designer what to edit and then taking another virtual tour.

Award-Winning Designs and Designers

A lot of the award-winning designs and designers have been featured in magazines and news articles. Most of them have used software programs like this. Ask your designer about his/her award-winning designs.

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