Points To Consider Before You Get A Quote Tattoo

Points To Consider Before You Get A Quote Tattoo

5 November 2018
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One type of tattoo that is popular to get, either as a first tattoo or if you already have several, is a quote tattoo. Choosing a series of words that have impacted your life or that you want to remember in the years ahead and having them inked on your body can be something that you appreciate seeing daily. As with any tattoo, it's ideal to give some careful consideration before you move forward with booking a session at the tattoo studio for your quote tattoo. Here are some specific things that you should think about concerning your quote tattoo:


The placement of any tattoo is important, but you could argue that the placement of a quote tattoo is even more critical. There are several considerations at play here. For example, is this a private quote for yourself, or a quote that you feel others will appreciate seeing? Your answer can partially dictate the location of the tattoo. You should also think about how easily you want to see it. If you feel that seeing the quote multiple times per day would benefit you, choosing a position such as your wrist or forearm may be desirable.


The font of the quote is another critical detail to evaluate. Different people have different preferred fonts, so there's no universally right answer here. Think about how well different fonts work with the quote. If it's a bold quote, bold, block lettering might be applicable. If it's a softer quote, a gentler script may be more appealing to you. It's a good idea to talk to your tattoo artist about some different font options, or research them online. When you've chosen the font, confirm that it's doable for your chosen tattoo artist. Some artists are more adept with script-style fonts, for example, so your artist may refer you to another artist in the studio.

Spelling And Grammar

Don't overlook the importance of getting the spelling and grammar correct on your quote tattoo. If you're not one hundred percent confident in your language skills, it's easy for you to write the quote in an incorrect manner when you go to the tattoo shop. Although most tattoo artists will catch the error or double-check the quote to ensure that it appears correct, there's always a risk of something slipping through.

Feeling confident about these topics will have you excited and ready to get the tattoo on your body. For more information, contact custom tattoo shop services in your area today.

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