3 Type Of Scales For Your Warehouse

3 Type Of Scales For Your Warehouse

1 November 2018
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If you are in the process of setting up a warehouse for your business, you need to make sure that you order the right equipment for your warehouse. There is a wide variety of equipment that you will need to get for your warehouse, such as pallets, forklifts, and scales. When it comes to scales, there are many different types of scales that can be helpful in your warehouse. You may actually need to purchase various types of scales for your warehouse.

Floor Scale

Floor scales are commonly used in warehouse settings. With a floor scale, the scale actually either sits directly on the floor, such as with an NTEP floor scale, or is recessed so that it is even with the floor. Floor scales are extremely sturdy and are made to last for a long time.

They are made to handle a lot of weight as well as traffic. Floor scales are designed so that you can easily roll a forklift up onto the scale and weight it. They are also designed for you to easily sit a load on top of the scale and weight it. They are made to be driven over and have great shock absorbers.

Floor scales are generally located somewhere within your warehouse where forklifts can easily drive over it and loads can easily be safe on the scale.

Counting Scale

Counting scales are great if you are producing products in your warehouse. With a counting scale, you can enter the control weight for a single product, and then set a large amount of those products on the scale. The scale will be able to give you the total weight of all those small products, and calculate the exact number of products that are on the scale.

Counting scale are great for really small items. Think about things like screws, bolts, nails, and other small items. Counting scales come in various sizes though and can be used for large items as well. Counting scales can help you keep control of inventory and can help minimize the need to hand-count inventory in your warehouse.

Conveyor Scale

A conveyor scale can be integrated into your conveyor system. A conveyor scale can be used to measure the weight of boxes, cartons, or packages as the conveyor is in motion. This is a great way to measure the weight of packaged items in a quick and efficient manner without having to measure each item individually.

A floor scale, counting scale, and conveyor scale are just three types of scales that can be used to keep things flowing in your new warehouse.

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