Updating Your Cold Calling Strategy for Today

Updating Your Cold Calling Strategy for Today

30 October 2018
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Old methods of cold calling are no longer effective. If you are trying to drum up new leads in the twenty-first century, you will need to use modern outbound cold calling techniques. Customers are impatient and will be less likely to turn into conversions if you are not using modern techniques.

Have a Plan

Make sure to have a plan in place to take advantage of when you are able to get the customer on the phone. You must be efficient at qualifying your lead, setting up an appointment, closing a deal, or anything else that you may want to accomplish through cold calling.

Ask for an Invitation

Rather than asking a customer how his or her day is, you're better off asking if he or she will grant you an invitation to talk. This respects the recipient's time and makes him or her more willing to consider your offer. If the recipient says no, ask if there is another time you may call back. When the recipient feels that he or she has invited you into the conversation, the recipient will be less resistant. 

Don't Talk Too Much

Do not enter into a long monologue when cold calling. Instead, speak in one or two sentences at a time. The brain can only hold on to so much information at once. Also, recipients will feel more likely they are part of a conversation when you do not speak too much and provide the recipient with time to respond. You want the recipient to ask specific information because then you'll know that you have his or her interest and can start working on a deal.

Focus on the Client

Try to focus on learning about the recipient rather than focusing on yourself. Most people prefer to talk about themselves. You may be tempted to immediately begin talking about your product or your company, but you should instead focus on what your client wants and work from there. The best way to accomplish this is to do your research beforehand so you have a sense of what the recipient wants. For example, if you know that the recipient owns a small business that has recently hired new staff, they may need help with payroll taxes.

Hire Professionals

If you do not have a lot of experience with cold calls, consider hiring a professional outbound cold calling service. By hiring professionals, you will not have to worry about overcoming the learning curve of making effective cold calls. 

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