3 Reasons To Embrace Values-Based Leadership

3 Reasons To Embrace Values-Based Leadership

25 October 2018
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The old school way of leading a department or organization was to make decisions on your own and then implement them with little collaboration or care for the big picture. This mode of leadership is being replaced with more effective leadership styles that allow companies, leaders, and team members to work more in alignment with their core values. One leadership approach that shouldn't be overlooked is values-based leadership. Here are a few of the biggest advantages.

Values-Based Leadership Creates a Healthy Company Culture

Some of the main tenets of values-based leadership are the idea that self-aware, emotionally intelligent people make better leaders, and that companies should be places where your personal values feel at home and complement the company mission. The combination of these facets of values-based leadership tend to lead to a company culture that is authentic, healthy, productive, and where open communication is valued.

When leaders exhibit emotional intelligence and self-awareness, their employees feel heard and respected, and decisions feel more collaborative. When companies hire in part based on compatible values, it's much easier to create a company where the staff feels loyal and motivated.

Coaching Opportunities Abound for Values-Based Leadership 

As more companies see the benefits of values-based leadership, business coaches and leadership development courses are being developed to teach and enhance this style of leadership. If values-based leadership resonates with you, you will have the opportunity to participate in classes as well as one on one coaching to deepen your leadership skills. You can also offer this type of coaching at your workplace, helping to mold future leaders who take a values-based approach.

Values-Based Leadership Emphasizes Alignment

Instead of compartmentalizing your job as something that's completely separate from your personal life, imagine having a career that felt authentic and in alignment with who you actually are as a person. This sense of alignment is central to values-based leadership. When there are personal values that are important to you, such as helping to eradicate poverty or fighting for a cleaner environment, the idea is that you will create or work for an organization where those values can thrive and be a part of the culture. This will help your life feel more cohesive.

As you can see, values-based leadership offers many benefits for organizations and leaders. By embracing values-based leadership at your organization or in your career as a whole, you will be able to experience these benefits for yourself. Look into coaching and values-based leadership development services to benefit your company.  

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