How Padded Foam Panties Help Petite Female College Grads Find Jobs

How Padded Foam Panties Help Petite Female College Grads Find Jobs

24 October 2018
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Graduating college is always an exciting time but can be very exasperating. Finding a first out of college can be difficult, especially for petite women. Thankfully, tools like a foam padded panty can help you stand out a bit more from the crowd.

Unfortunately, Looks Matter In Job Interviews

Women trying to do a job interview are in an unfortunate situation. Many job interviewers are going to be men and they are going to partially – or heavily – judge a woman based on her looks. This reality is an issue that may one day be solved but which still impacts the potential career success of millions of women.

College graduates may want to fight against this problem but may also want to accentuate their looks to improve their chances of success. Working with the system is understandable, even if just once, if used as a catapult to further career success. And one way petite women can stand out is to find a way to get a bigger butt.

Bigger Butts Get Noticed

That sad truth is that petite women may lack the kind of curves that could attract the attention of male job interviewers. And in a better world, that wouldn't matter at all and women would only get hired based on their abilities. Sadly, many male job interviewers will let looks dictate who they hire.

One of the most noticeable physical attributes that managers may notice is a bigger or thicker butt. As a petite woman, you may lack these curves and need a little help standing out. You don't have to get any kind of plastic surgery but can instead wear padded foam panties.

How Padded Panties Can Help

Padded foam panties are designed to add a little bit of heft to the back side of the woman wearing them. The extra curve isn't exaggerated – which would be too obvious – but just a little bit thicker than the normal curve of a petite woman's body. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.

Petite women who wear these panties before a job interview may be more likely to get the job. And they can then decide if they want to continue wearing them at work or subtly transition to normal panties and let their job success and skills do the talking instead.

So if you are looking for a way to stand out among the many female applicants, don't hesitate to consider foam padded panties. In this way, you can subtly attract attention from interviewers and get the job that you need.

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