Doing a Whole Home Remodel? Use a Self Storage Unit to Protect Your Items

Doing a Whole Home Remodel? Use a Self Storage Unit to Protect Your Items

18 October 2018
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When you remodel your home, you may have plans to do some work on your own while also hiring professionals for certain tasks. While your family may be comfortable with staying in the home while working on the remodel, this does not mean that you should avoid any changes. A smart idea is to make sure that you can protect all your belongings. A major home remodel can get rather messy, so you will benefit from renting a self storage unit and putting items inside.


An excellent category of possessions to remove from your home is electronics. While you may not be able to remove everything because your household may need access to a computer for work or school, you should consider putting away things such as speakers and televisions. By wrapping items and putting them into storage, you can avoid a lot of dust buildup. Also, televisions and speakers are prone to serious puncture damage, which is something that can easily happen when a remodeler walks by with a sharp and bulky object and grazes an item. You will also benefit by creating a lot more space to work with when you put these things in storage.

Many electronics have air vents that allow interior fans to blow hot air out of the device. But a home remodel can introduce a lot of dust into the home that could cover up these vents. You will not have to worry about dust leading to heat issues with electronics when they are in storage.


Although you may want the option to sit down in the living room when you are taking a break from the remodel, you should consider removing some furniture from the home. If you plan to work on the living room and you will be passing through this room to get to other areas, you will benefit from removing a lot of furniture. Instead of having a chair, couch, and entertainment center pushed along one wall to avoid taking up valuable space, you can put these furnishings into a climate-controlled self storage unit where they will not be harmed in any way.


Even if you intend to remodel the closets in your home, you may feel comfortable with closing the closet doors in hopes of keeping out most dust that gets spread around. But you also may want to put your nicest clothing pieces in garment bags and then into storage. This will eliminate any worries that you may have about clothing damage when you start working on the closets.

Renting a self storage unit will make it easier and more enjoyable to remodel your whole home. Contact self storage businesses like Belmont Self Storage for more information.

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