Jet Lag, Dehydration, and IV Therapy Services: An Introduction

Jet Lag, Dehydration, and IV Therapy Services: An Introduction

17 October 2018
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You have spent hours inside of a plane cabin and have all kinds of plans for when you step off the plane, but the moment you get out of the airport, the exhaustion hits you. Jet lag is a serious problem when people travel long distances, and jet lag can completely hinder your traveling plans. 

However, modern medicine is making it so that jet lag is not such an infringing problem for constant travelers. IV therapy service is a medical treatment business that allows patients to get highly beneficial IV therapy for an array of purposes, and jet lag happens to be one of those purposes. 

Why do people get jet lag to start with?

In general terms, jet lag is a disruption in your physiological state that happens as a result of traveling across multiple time zones rapidly. When you spend a long time on an airplane, it interferes with the body's natural wake/sleep cycle. Plus, during travel, people often do not take in enough fluids or eat well-balanced meals, which can leave them dehydrated. This means when the flight is over, the individual traveling can feel exhaustion and fatigue, may not be able to sleep well, and often feel really drained. 

How does IV therapy help with jet lag?

IV therapy can help with jet lag for a few reasons. When you get IV therapy specifically for jet lag, you will be intravenously given a dose of revitalizing vitamins and minerals, as well as a solution to help rehydrate your body. This healthy mix is what the body can be lacking after a long flight, and it will genuinely make an individual feel better overall. Many people who get IV therapy to help with jet lag can go on with their travel plans without having issues with sleep and fatigue. 

Where can you get IV therapy for jet lag?

Just about any IV therapy service will have an offering on their service menu for jet lag. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the local listings where you intend to travel to in order to find an IV therapy service in the area. The treatment has become such a popular way for travelers to overcome jet lag that some treatment providers are located in close proximity to major airports across the country. Some IV therapy providers work on a mobile basis, so you can call them, and they will bring everything needed for treatment right to your hotel. 

For more information on jetlag hydration IV therapy services, contact your local medical office. 

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