Three Ways Small Businesses Can Use Text Messaging

Three Ways Small Businesses Can Use Text Messaging

16 October 2018
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Text messaging is a tool used by many businesses, but is less often seen in small businesses. There are many ways any business can use text messaging, whether as a marketing tool or to offer additional services to customers.

Reach a Wider Audience

Customers who primarily use mobile devices make up a large portion of the market. You need to use all available mobile avenues not only to promote your business but also to reach customers. If you can secure a mobile number from current or prospective customers, this allows you to send occasional marketing messages that might increase sales or turn subscribers to a text service into paying customers. Text messaging is frequently used to promote sales. If you want to push a person to make a purchase, using text messaging is a good way to enhance their sense of urgency or increase exclusivity. For example, sending a text message that promotes a limited-time item or discount can be enough for a person to follow through with a purchase. Similarly, the use of exclusivity by sending special promotions only through text messaging can make people feel special. It may also motivate them to sign up for text messaging and make a purchase.

Improve Customer Service

More businesses are using text messaging as another avenue for customer service. Having a text messaging option is ideal for people who are on their mobile device when they need help, which can make them less inclined to send an email. When the only other option is to call a business for help, many people can find this discouraging, especially if there is a chance they will be on hold forever or might be in a situation where they cannot talk privately. Another advantage of using text messaging for customer service, especially for small businesses, is you can outsource your customer service so someone is available beyond normal business hours. If you have an online store where customers can make a purchase at any time of day, it only makes sense for them to receive help at any time.

Keep Customers Informed

Another way small businesses can use text messaging is to keep their customers informed. You might be familiar with tools used by larger businesses, such as texting to receive updates on delivery, outages, or shipping. These same services can be applied to many types of smaller businesses and make customers more inclined to become return customers. For example, if you are in the restaurant business and make deliveries, you might want customers who place orders to be able to text and receive a quick update on the status of their order. This can reduce unnecessary phone calls about an order or delivery status and free up your phone line for more urgent matters.

More small businesses should consider text message systems for businesses as part of their marketing strategy. Text messaging can allow small businesses to reach a wider audience and have tools similar to a larger businesses.

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