3 Great Tips to Remember When Getting Your First Tattoo

3 Great Tips to Remember When Getting Your First Tattoo

16 October 2018
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Getting your first tattoo is an incredible experience. It's something that you'll always remember. So that this experience doesn't turn into something you forever regret, these beginner tattoo tips are important to consider.

Make It Meaningful 

So many people like the idea of getting a tattoo and yet don't put too much thought into what they want. Then, years down the line, they see their tattoo and have regrets. Don't put yourself in this position.

Whatever tattoo you get, it needs to have purpose and meaning behind it. Then not only will the tattoo look cool or have a beautiful aesthetic, but it will actually serve an emotional purpose. Look for something that has meaning in your life, be it an iconic image or phrase that you constantly read for inspiration. The more meaning your tattoo has, the greater you'll appreciate it over the years.

Select an Appropriate Style 

Tattoos have been around for centuries, giving birth to many different styles. It's important to think long and hard about what style interests you. One of the more popular options is American traditional tattoos, a style that features bold outlines and limited colors. It's a great starter style because of how clean and simplistic its designs are. 

If you're looking for something a bit more modern, neo-traditional might serve you well. It incorporates more bold lines and realistic images. Other styles you might consider include realism, watercolor, tribal, and new school. Look at samples of each to find an aesthetic that works best for your preferences. 

Hire the Right Artist 

There is a huge discrepancy in skill level among tattoo artists today. Some will be much better than others, making it important to really take your time finding the right tattoo artist. One pivotal factor to keep in mind is level of experience. Tattoo artists who've been in this industry for decades probably can do better tattoos than artists just starting out.

Another way you can assess the skill level of a tattoo artist is to look through their portfolio. Here, you can find real tattoos that the artist has done on various clients. If the artist has a style you're comfortable with and their work looks professional, you've probably found a good match. 

Although getting your first tattoo may seem like a nerve-wracking experience, it can go smoothly if you plan ahead and focus on the right details. Take your time with every decision because this tattoo will presumably be on your body forever. 

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