Three Astrological Ways To Measure Your Compatibility With A Potential Partner

Three Astrological Ways To Measure Your Compatibility With A Potential Partner

14 October 2018
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You've just started dating someone, and you really like them so far. However, you're also realistic. You know that there is a lot about this person you do not know yet, and you are anxious as to whether or not the two of you are really as compatible as it seems. One way to gain some insight into your true compatibility is through the art and mysticism of astrology. The following are three more specific ways to analyze your compatibility from an astrological perspective.

Use a Name-Matching Tool

Your name says a lot about you, and your partner's name says a lot about them. Whether they realize it or not, your parents were inspired by your personality and your aura when they chose your name. People also tend to grow into their names. For instance, going through life as Laura will turn you into a different person than going through life as Liza -- simply because of the different connotations and feelings the names present.

There are numerous name-matching tools online, which allow you to enter your name and your partner's name and gain some insight into your potential relationship. Expect more than a "yes" or "no" response. The matching tool may tell you what challenges you'll approach in your relationship. You can judge whether those are challenges you do or do not feel confident facing. The tool may also tell you what the strong points of your relationship will be. If those are strong points you value in a relationship, you should feel encouraged to continue dating that person!

Match Your Signs

Also, consider how compatible your zodiac sign is with the sign of your potential partner. Measuring sign compatibility is complex, but here are a few guidelines that tend to ring true.

Air signs, which include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, tend to be very compatible with fire signs, which include Aries, Leo, and Saggitarius. Earth signs, which include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are most compatible with water signs, which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. 

When it comes to dating someone with the same type of sign as you, compatibility depends on the sign in question. Two fire signs together often spells an accident waiting to happen. There's nothing to calm the fire! Two water, earth, or air signs together can be a good match — as long as the partners focus on enjoying their similarities.

Consider Your Birth Time

If you can find out what time of day your potential partner was born, then you can analyze your compatibility based on your respective birth times. Generally speaking, people who are born in the early hours of the morning are very motivated, driven individuals. They're balanced out by people who are born in the afternoon, who tend to be very level-headed, relaxed, and passive.

People born midmorning or around noon are compatible with those who are born in the early evening. Both tend to have a lot of interests and prefer exciting, constantly changing lives. It's hard for one person who loves change to live with another person who hates change -- so those born in the early evening or midmorning are rarely compatible with the night owls or early morning babies. 

There are a lot more subtle nuances related to specific birth times. Look for an online compatibility calculator that allows you to enter both of your birth times for a prediction of how your relationship will work out.

At the start of the relationship, you always wonder what is ahead. Using the astrological tools above, you can gain some insight into the future you do or do not have with your new potential mate.

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